College Freshmen Who Weighed Themselves Daily Lost Body Fat

new study validates the value of daily self-weighing. A study (performed by researchers at Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania) indicates that daily self-weighing is an important behavior that influences weight and body fat trajectories. The study determines that the habit of daily self-weighing can prevent unwanted weight gain.

In this two-year study, researchers found that that female college-aged students who reported at least one period of daily self-weighing saw a drop in their body mass index (BMI).

Diane Rosenbaum, PhD, who completed the study while a postdoctoral research fellow at Drexel’s College of Arts and Sciences states, “We were surprised to find that, on average, women who reported at least one period of daily self-weighing not only tended to avoid weight gain but actually experienced some weight loss. We saw small, but significantly different changes in their BMI after two years, compared to the group who did not self-weigh daily, who saw little change in their BMI.

Read the full study here:

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