If you feel like you never have enough time to make a homemade dinner, this NutriMost Phase 2 and Phase 4 recipe has you covered. This easy slow cooker recipe are a great time saver. It doesn’t get any easier than getting some fresh ingredients, tossing them in the crock-pot and letting it do all the work.

Serving Information

Phase 2, or Phase 4, or Beyond Calories per serving: 182 Servings: 4


4 chicken breasts
4 T minced onion
2 lemons
a whole garlic bulb
2 tablespoons of thyme
2 cups chicken broth or stock
salt and pepper


  1. Pour chicken broth into crockpot
  2. Place chicken breasts in crockpot 
  3. Sprinkle minced onion and a little salt and pepper on to each chicken breast 
  4. Peel and chop all of the garlic cloves and sprinkle on top of the chicken breasts.
  5. Slice the lemons and placed them on the chicken breasts
  6. Sprinkle thyme on top
  7. Put the lid on and set the timer for 6 hours on low


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