So often during my initial consultations with clients desiring to lose weight I hear a common theme, “I lostX amount of pounds and then gained it all back and MORE!” or  “I just can’t seem to keep my weight under control”.

How Hypothalimus Controls Weight Loss

The casual observer may think these folks just need to “buckle down” and get serious if they want to maintain a healthy weight. However, Dr. Louis Aronne M.D. of NY- Presbyterian Hospital states that science has proven that years of eating the typical American diet actually changes the brain. More specifically, it causes neurologic damage to the hypothalamus resulting in imbalances to the appetite-regulating hormones.


These imbalances can lead to hunger issues even though you just finished eating. Dr. Aronne states that while some damage to the hypothalamus may be permanent, it is possible to reverse much of the damage. By switching from an unhealthy to a healthy diet- rich in vegetables, fruits,  lean meats, and unprocessed grains, you can begin to heal the hypothalamic damage that causes unrelenting hunger and cravings.



Dr. Aronne, however,  is quick to point out that long-lasting weight loss takes time to establish a new “weight set point”.


At Nutrimost Solon we are committed to walk alongside and support you for as long as it takes your brain to establish new pathways and establish a new weight set point.


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