“… I knew that my body was out of control and was doing my best to exercise and try to eat right.  Nothing was working.  I remember doing an open mic with you at an open mic over in Solon one night last year.  I recall noticing that you were melting away.  Being that I work in a hospital for my day job I was taught to never ask people about their weight loss because the reason might not be good.”

I went to the (NutriMost) office on May 2nd of this year and Doctor Abood said that I weighed 285 lbs. with the metabolism of a 67-year-old man, Doc said that he was convinced that he could help me lose at least 30 lbs.   I was upset and said let’s do this.   I gave him my credit card and was immediately escorted into a room where a computer scan was done on me by placing my hand on some sort of pc appendage that looked like an oversized mouse.Rob T Lost 65 lbs with NutriMost Solon

Then one of the dietitians sat me down and said eat these foods only, but that I can only eat 500 calories a day and I had to cut out a bunch of stuff like oils, fats dairy starches and so on. They said not to worry as I would not get hungry during the process.

Well, I immediately embraced the program.  I began my 500 calories a day diet for a 40-day long journey, I recall the first week was difficult but on day 2 I lost 3 lbs., day three I lost 6lbs and day four another 2 lbs. it had only been 4 days and I was down 11 lbs.  I recall sending a text to Abood and asking what is this strange witchcraft that you had cast upon me?  He laughed and replied isn’t it amazing?

By week two I was down 20 lbs.

I lost 40lbs in 40 days.  With the help of the staff, I reset my metabolism and my metabolic age dropped down to that of a 50-year-old man.

On September first I reengaged with the program for a second round.  The program was much easier to adhere to because a lot of my old cravings for bad food have left.  My food cravings are much healthier and so it was easier to stick to the plan.

Overall I have lost 65lbs. I turned 50 years old back on September 13th.  My body is shaping up, I am now building muscle. I feel great, I look great and my confidence level is sky high.  I am in the process of developing a brand new act and a lot of it is focused on the weight loss journey that I have just completed.

… I just want to let you know that as much as I owe a great deal of gratitude to the folks at Nutrimost Solon for all of their support and encouragement during my weight loss process…

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